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Mythological Dialogues

100 × 62 cm


Giclée hand signed and numbered by Thanassis Lalas. Edition of 7 prints.

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Thanassis Lalas, a man of many interests and wide artistic talent, has dedicated his life to Art, for the past 19 years. After a notable carrier as a journalist and progressive publisher, he has now chosen painting as a path to the creation of an innovative, pictorial language, which has been the result, not only of his studious interest in masterpieces, exhibited in museums around the world, but also of his close, personal contact with renowned personalities of the art world. Placing the human being in the center of his work, he uses poetic surrealism to create a unique imagery of a fantasy world.

Lalas, through his visual art, which in many instances integrates writing as well, recounts the inner processes and diverse realities of human existence. Placing emphasis οn clear lines, he creates flat-colored surfaces, using black outlines to give us grotesque figures with waving movement and chromatic intensity, presented on large or small canvasses, on his characteristic sculptures, on restaurant tablecloths, doors, walls or any other utility object. His unique compositions are full of passion, fantasy, exuberance, irony and humor. To him, genuineness of expression is the highest artistic goal, since: “When you do things passionately and with soul, you create culture”.

Thanassis Lalas was born in Athens, in 19… and he is currently spending his time between Athens, Paris and Miami. He has studied Economics at the Law School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and he has worked as a journalist for the most prestigious newspapers and magazines, having taken 3.500 interviews of great public figures. He is also the creator of 33 innovative and very successful magazines. In 2003, he was awarded the “Alekos Lidorikis Award” of the University of Athens, for his journalistic contribution.

He has presented his work in many individual and collective exhibitions, in Greece, as well as abroad. Many of his creations can be found in public and private collections.


Art can transform nothing into something, time into eternity and Man on this earth, into a bird with feathers flying in the sky…    



Individual Exhibitions

2003         Pierides Museum, Ancient Cypriot Art, Athinais, Athens. Thanassis Lalas’ visual insight

2005         OMICRON Gallery, Nicosia. Thanassis Lalas’ visual insight

2010         Timeless Art Museum, Athinais Cultural Center, Athens. Production: “The Liberal – Pierides Museum” My world.

2013         Opera Gallery, Paris

2013         Artion Gallery, Thessaloniki. Lala’s choices

2013         Nest Gallery, Geneva. Thanassis Lalas Un monde énigmatique

2014         Artion Gallery, Thessaloniki. A celebration of colors

2014         Skoufa Gallery, Athens. Table Art

2015         Alpha C.K. Art Gallery, Nicosia. An island in a sea of colors.

Hellenic American Union, Athens video art

Participation in Art Basel, Miami, 2015


Collective Exhibitions


Frissiras Museum, Athens

2014         Artion Gallery, Thessaloniki. ΑRT-fleur-t”

2015         Artion Gallery, Thessaloniki. Art Bazaar


Public and Private Collections

National Gallery

DESTE Foundation for Contemporary Art

Dakis Ioannou Collection

Demetrios Kopelousos Collection

Theo Roussis Collection

Collaboration with David Bernimon Fine Art, Miami

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