We are here for you, as you are for your partners.

Give your personal or company mark to the gift you want to give to partners or friends. Strengthen your public and social relations by offering a beautiful work of art as a professional gift. Ikastikos Kiklos Sianti Gallery gives you this opportunity by offering you a large collection of small silkscreens, small sculptures and art objects, which you can offer framed with a frame, or plexiglass and the appropriate gift wrapping.

We can create special gifts for your company, with your company’s logo engraved, in the size and price you want.

Christina Sarantopoulou - Boat
Aggelos Panagiotidis-Olive Tree
Gavalas Stelios - Cleat
Gavalas Stelios - Cleat
Prekas Paris - Tanker
Tsoklis Kostas - Wooden box
Tsoklis Kostas - Wooden box
Fassianos Alekos - Plate
Fassianos Alekos - Plate
Vlassis Dimitris - Cycling
Vlassis Dimitris - Cycling
Morali Christina - Papadopoulou biscuit
Morali Christina - Papadopoulou biscuit
Sorogas Sotiris - Old Boat
Siagris Panagiotis - Dive
Stathopoulos Giorgos - Couple
Opy Zouni - Routes
Christina Sarantopoulou - Sprinning Tops
Christina Morali - Aspirin
Mina Valyrakis-Papatheodorou - Pochettes
Tolis Konstantinos - Active Volcano
Christina Sarantopoulou - Imprint box
Christina Morali - Coin
Christina Sarantopoulou - Pencil Case
Sotiris Sorogas - Ashtray

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