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Impress and stand out by selecting an art gift, the value of which will forever accompany your loved ones.

You can’t attend the ceremony? Ikastikos Kiklos Sianti undertakes the delivery of your gift to the couple’s home, with an impressive package and a premium personal letter from you!

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Fassianos Alekos – Couple

Spyriounis Kostas – Winter Weather

Sorogas Sotiris – Stones with red cloth

Stathopoulos Giorgos – Couple

Lalas Thanassis – Heart and the Five Senses

Siagris Panagiotis (SIAGREECE) – Hug Me

Tolis Konstantinos – A Trip with no Destination

Panagiotidis Aggelos – Olive tree

Kokkinidis Dimosthenis – VP “The Departure”

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