About us

We are Vassiliki and Theodore Siantis, the new generation of Ikastikos Kiklos Sianti Gallery, an art space with 35 years of life. Children of Fanis Siantis, co-founder of Ikastikos Kiklos.

Using our believes, experience and love, we continue to work together and strive to bring the unique world of art and Greek artists a little closer to each one of you. One of the first goals achieved in these 35 year is to promote and establish the art of silk screen printing.

Our beginning

In 1980, Fanis Siantis and Dinos Liberopoulos, driven by their love for the Arts, created a very special art space. For the last 35 years, Ikastikos Kiklos Art Space brings the work of Greek artists closer to the public. We launched our endeavor in collaboration with renowned Greek painters, such as G. Tsarouhis, G. Gaitis, K. Grammatopoulos, N. C. Gikas, S. Vasiliou and P. Prekas, wishing to promote visual arts through the use of silk screen.

Our history

In 1995, seeking for a better way of presenting original works of art, we opened the Gallery at 121 Charilaou Trikoupi Str. This five -store building of 1.000 square meters, with its impressive facade and innovative internal design, was proclaimed by the Hellenic Institute of Architecture as being “one of the 30 buildings of high architectural quality in the center of Athens”, in 2002.

In 2006, we opened the art shop at 20 Karneadou Str., in Kolonaki district.


Today, our building is due to be transformed into a museum of contemporary art and we, the new generation, Vassiliki and Theodoros Siantis, have moved to a new building, in 2, Vas. Alexandrou Str. & Michalakopoulou Str., behind the National Gallery.

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