Certificates of Authenticity

Did you know that every work of art must be accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity? To put it simple, our work of art is a living entity and its certificate is its ID. A Certificate of Authenticity accompanies the work of art from its first owner to the last, whether it changes hands or not. The Certificate of Authenticity is provided by the gallery to the new owner and certifies or verifies a series of information forming the artwork’s special ID.

Our gallery, with respect to its customers, artists and history, provides Certificates of Authenticity for any item it provides, regardless its monetary value. It is your proof that the artwork you have in your hands is an authentic, fulfilling all requirements of purchase, sale or resale.

A Certificate of Authenticity is more than just a piece of paper. It is your proof that you are the legal owner of the artwork, giving you the right to use it as you please (lend, resell, exhibit, insure it – except reproduce it). All spiritual rights are reserved for the artist.

So next time you purchase an artwork, please keep its Certificate of Authenticity in a safe place. Certificates of Authenticity are only issued once.


of Paintings

A painting’s Certificate of Authenticity is a painting’s ID. It informs us of the painter’s name, its materials, dimensions, year of creation, the new owner’s name, as well as the date of the latest resell. It is signed and sealed by us. The painting itself will bear the artist’s signature – as it should be the case for any work of art.


of Sculptures

A sculpture’s Certificate of Authenticity is a sculpture’s ID. It informs us of the sculptor’s name, its title, its material (which is part of a sculpture’s historic and semantic analysis), the company you have bought it from (which signs and seals the certificate, guaranteeing it is an original work of the above-mentioned sculptor), its dimensions and the year of its creation. It also records the new owner’s name, as well as the date of the resell.


of Silk screen printings

A silk screen printing’s Certificate of Authenticity is an authentic, numbered silk screen printing’s ID informing us of its painter and numbering. All reproductions are signed and numbered by the artist himself. The Certificate of Authenticity verifies the destruction of the matrix after the creation of a pre-decided number of reproductions. If instead of a numbering, it contains the initials E.A. (épreuve d’artiste) or H.C., then it is one of the models produced before reaching a perfect reproduction of the painting – both chromatically and aesthetically. Each such model is a unique work of art, since it differs chromatically from the previous, as well as the next one, something which bestows it with a special collectible value.


of Microsculptures

A microsculpture’s Certificate of Authenticity is a microsculpture’s ID. It informs us of the sculptor’s name, its title, its numbering (carved by the sculptor, if he/she wishes a limited reproduction) accompanied by his/her signature on the sculpture itself. All microsculptures are signed by the artist.

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