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Νο Ζ25-01


32 × 21 × 42 cm


Paper, Plexiglas, Wood


Created in 2006

“I had a normal, gradual progression without sudden falls or downs. I am a full time artist “Source: www.thetoc.gr

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“I am a victim of my optimism. I am one of those who when they are hurting do not cry, but they sing. When I was preparing a great exhibition in Miami in 1992, people came and we talked and we decided on a specific date for the inauguration. I didn’t consider how close the date was. I have never finished projects. The dates in the newspapers were announced. And suddenly I realized that it was impossible for anyone to be ready till that date. But I was pressured, I stayed up all night and I did it. And instead of taking the plane and going to the inauguration, I took the ambulance and landed in intensive care. That’s when I had my triple bypass. Five nights and four days I did not sleep. But I made the date for the opening! ”

Source: www.thetoc.gr

"I shattered the boundaries that people had put between painting and sculpture. My job is being a painter and sculptor at the same time. They say stupidly that Bacon is better than Giacometti. No! Is it ever possible? Why is it better when they have nothing to do with each other? They are two personalities who do not share a common point. They are both great artists. All you can do is express your taste and say "I like Bacon more. Nothing else!" Source: www.thetoc.gr
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