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Νο 681

Still life

56 × 74 cm

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Silkscreen from 1994 numbered and signed by Ghika Hatzikyriakos.

Today it’s a collectible piece.

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“And only the fact that he had the power at such a young age to get rid of the burden of a tyrannical heritage and to adapt to the mood of the international avant-garde, with claims and achievements that a multitude of aliens claimed, was more than auspicious.

“Even in the brightest, the purest and the clearest compositions of N. Hadjikyriakos – Ghika, a mystery is plagued. It’s a familiar mysterious that we find again with relief because it’s ours” Odysseas Elytis (English-Greek inspection, January 1947)

Source: texnografia.blogspot.gr

Nikos's was just four years old when his talent started to show in his paintings. The first recognition of his designs came from his father. That was a definite moment. "I was impressed!" He tells us, jumping from his joy for recognition from his hard and violent father. After that, he turned to painting. At six, he had turned his wardrobe into a backdrop. Relatives, friends, neighbors, all reinforced the child because, among other things, it would be to their benefit to be liked. So they showed admiration for the son’s paintings and would ask him to paint for them in exchange for "a baklava or a box of chocolates, a book or pencils, notebooks or even photographs of art". Source: texni-zoi.blogspot.gr
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