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Still Life Painting by Apergis Antonis at Ikastikos Kiklos Sianti Gallery.

Νο Ζ41-04

Still life

70 × 70 cm


Acrylic on canvas


Print of 2005

His work, characterized by a personal style combining elements of figurative painting and abstraction, includes compositions of surreal character where color plays an important role, contributing to the creation of a poetic and dreamy atmosphere.

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As the artist says, the inspiration of his visual concerns is the invisible side of memory. The color and light caress, threaten and culminate in the “deserted looking landscape ” of the painting.This landscape, according to him, is a space that is bounded by ideograms to keep the eyes of the lost world hermetically closed.

Apergis, with his work, is opposed to his optimism with the reputation of nature and its perpetual dynamics, which is constantly evolving and seeking the light of redemption.


"The silent invisible side of memory is the source of my artistic reflections. The Color - Light without destination, without beginning and end, caressing, threatening, peaking and finally kissing the deserted looking landscape of the painting. A landscape that challenges its being, a space bounded by ideograms to keep hermetically sealed, the fleeting glance of the world being lost. In this series of works, listening to the unexpected tomorrow and the musical sounds of human anxiety, I oppose my optimism with the image of the life-giving nature and its perpetual dynamics, transforming and re-establishing itself into a lasting renaissance seeking the light of redemption. " Source: Ikastikos Kiklos Sianti
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