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  • Art Educational Programs for Kids at Ikastikos Kiklos Sianti Gallery

    Art Educational Programs for Kids at Ikastikos Kiklos Sianti Gallery

    Galleries and Education During the last decades, many educational activities (educational programs, lectures, presentations etc.) are being organized in museums, revolving around the collections they are hosting. The developments in museology and the associated sciences, as well as the general extroversion of cultural institutions have led to the enrichment of educational activities. These practices are designed to approach a wider target group, as well as to cultivate specific understanding skills through entertainment. One can’t help …

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    Silkscreen is a printing method in which a stretched screen made of silk is used to transfer ink onto a surface. Specific parts of the screen mesh are impermeable so that no ink is transferred in those areas. With a spatula the ink is pressed onto the grid and transferred onto the printing medium. A single color is printed on each pass and multiple screens are required for multicolour images. THE HISTORY OF SILKSCREENING Silkscreen …

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  • Biography of great artists on the big screen at Ikastikos Kiklos Sianti Gallery Blog

    Biography of great artists on the big screen

    The art of cinematography has always taken an interest in the life and work of many great painters, illustrators, graphic designers, musicians, dancers and philosophers – people whose legacy became a source of inspiration for the rest of humanity. Their work has been exhibited, performed, reshaped and evolved into something completely new. And their lives have been recorded in biographies and films of all sorts, becoming accessible to us in many different forms. Now that …

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  • Λίγα λόγια για την Κεραμική Τέχνη από το blog του Εικαστικού Κύκλου Sianti

    A few words on ceramic art

    The term ‘ceramic’ is a general team referring to chemical compositions between metals and non-metals. More specifically, it describes silicates, especially clay, hardened in high temperatures. (1) Ceramic art is probably the oldest form of art in human history. It made its appearance as a daily necessity, becoming increasingly elaborate as the need for beauty and aesthetic satisfaction came to the forefront. But this is common knowledge. Dating back to 7.000 B.C., the first ceramic …

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  • 7 λόγοι για να κρεμάσεις έναν πίνακα ζωγραφικής... από το blog του Εικαστικού Κύκλου Sianti

    Seven reasons for hanging a painting…

    … in your home’s seven most unexpected spots. There is no doubt art has the ability of touching our souls, provoking and captivating us and making us even more involved the moment we decide to make it a part of our personal space. Sharing your home life with a work of art is the beginning of an honest relationship, which can prove very rewarding on a daily basis. Offering an exquisite collection of affordable works …

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