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Set Espresso Ασπρόμαυρο



Set Espresso Black & White



Porcelain, Wood

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Our espressos are packed in handmade, wooden boxes. Each box is then painted and signed by Mr. Lalas, transforming it into a unique piece of art.

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“Art does not turn its back on walls. It simply claims more space. Art has for years gone out on the streets, accompanies us in our everyday life, and rounds up in everyday objects to make the usual unusual. This was the reason I thought about the holistic dimension of my artwork. I always believed that the moment of drinking a cup of coffee is a ritual that needs its tools to be unique, to present the importance of the moment. The same thing applies with the gathering of friends around a table in order to fill their hunger without losing their time without extinguishing their taste. Cutlery and dishes that are small art objects make a dinner a source of inspiration. Interventions in lighting fixtures, chairs, tables, clothes, shoes, bags, glasses. Jewelry, scarves … They are all sources of inspiration. Picasso’s ceramics, Dali’s sofa, Botero’s sculpted tables, Mendini’s wristwatches, Sottsass teapots, Philip Stark’s scepter are works of art that are used and change our everyday life. The purpose of the artist is to transform everyday life, to give another meaning to the experience, to add another point of view to the ordinary”

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