Cube Footprint

38 × 22 × 24 cm




From the “reading” of the works of Christina Sarantopoulou can only be found a semiological work which, through the study of the points, primarily records a phase of selective appropriation of the painting. It is a phase of creating this very code, through a research process in the basic points of the visual language.

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“… Sarantopoulos’ every creative attempt begins with a painstaking research. She tries to trace complicated paths of sculpture and map her personal senses with a code more mystical and less confessional. Thus he resorts to the dream and the unexpected, creating works of monumental dimensions, which are inspired by the breath of life. Their kinetic essence (“Sisyphus”, “Vima”, etc.) reveal images of our time, a period of dynamic antagonisms and challenges, where the great or the great passes the little or the small. Its impressive three-dimensional spheres, perforated by human fingerprints, reflect the individuality of each personality and the complexity of the world. Stochastically he plays with the empty and full surfaces of the works, seeking to gain that transparency, which significantly removes and creates a sculpture, which develops equally between the obscure and its foreseeable existence. The sculptor has grasped the importance of the vacuum in the dense, opaque and heavy matter of steel, linking her morphoplastic quests with her early years of work when she was researching transparency in her sculptural suggestions by attempting to testify her personal expression. Sarantopoulou has been presenting many samples of her work since 1984, demonstrating how deeply she has realized the meaning of art. »

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