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80 × 42 × 42 cm


Stainless steel


From the “reading” of the works of Christina Sarantopoulou can only be found a semiological work which through the study of the points, is first recorded a phase of selective appropriation of the painting code. It’s a phase of creating this very code, through a research process in the basic points of the visual language.

Alfio Mongelli
Professor at the first headquarters of the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome.

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Visual texts as fingerprints / introspectional touches in individual and plural identities, but also as attempts to explore phenomena of cosmic function, even as scans in the indivisible core of this World.

Narrative and at the same time subtractive and reduced aesthetic suggestions that map landscapes as moving, vibrant, amorphous, non-modal, changing, constructing a new ethics for human effort and pace.

Thalia Stefanidou
Historian / Art Critic – Curator

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