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Young Woman Painting by Mytaras Dimitris at Ikastikos Kiklos Sianti Gallery.


Young Woman

100 × 70 cm


Acrylic on canvas


Created in 2008

“If you take away Mytaras from the Greek art history, then you will understand how poor it will become”, the director of the National Gallery, Marina Lampraki Plaka, has stated for the important painter Dimitris Mytaras. Source: news.in.gr

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His shift to critical realism using photographic documents, limited color and political content, was a characteristic early painting phase in the years of the dictatorship. However, following the course of the process was the expressionistic elements and the intense color dominated. For most of his work the subjects are man-centered and often portraits. Abstraction mood, line freedom and color tensions coexist with the sharpness of observation, either with illustrations of people or other subjects. Throughout his work, the emphasis on visual qualities reveals his deepest relationship with the traditional values ​​of painting.

Source: efsyn.gr

Drawn into design and color, he was able to develop a completely personal expressionist idiom. He was a man of immense talent, when he painted "he was happy and he was like the bird in front of his canvas," as his wife said. Source: kathimerini.gr
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