58 × 71 × 13 cm


Brass, Marble, Mirror


Making something with my hands is always a surprise. I wish my life is full of surprises.

Dimitris Armakolas

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His work is rooted in the anthropomorphic Greek tradition. Memories of Greek plasters, from Minoan sculpture to the priestly character to the expression of the Passion of Skopas, are in his works. The abstraction also affects the beginning of his work, while later he will move into sculpture expressions of pop art and other contemporary artistic movements. But from all this, he will leave his mark in a personal expressive language whose main moral characteristic is the dialogue of well-formed bodies with rough volumes and hard surfaces. The plaster gives it a modern version of the ancient Greek deposition of the body. But now the body, beautiful and erotic, is tortured and torn by the hardness of the unfinished forms. Man is breaking, and the sculptor tried with this break to save his work.

Source Library of Athens College and Psychiko College

The human figure in his works of the last decade is suspended, looks ready to fly or crash - like a commentary on the light and darkness of the 21st century. A youthful body with the head down. "Neither does it fall or rise. Maybe it will survive, "says the sculptor. The viewer completes the missing pieces and he writes his own "end". Eventually, the machine, and not black earth, "sucked" the creator, but his works defy the laws of gravity, they seem ready to rise "a little higher". Source
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