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The Upper Floor II Ζωγραφικό Έργο του Παναγιώτη Σιάγκρη στον Εικαστικό Κύκλο Sianti


The Upper Floor II

100 × 100 cm


acrylic on canvas, Plexiglas


Siagris presents an artistic reflection by playing with the look and feel of things and combining a well-designed architectural framework with the enigmatic fluid of a painting that has not yet decided on itself.

Manos Stefanidis


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The Upper Floor II

It’s a painting after painting. An artistic proposal that knows the fundamental achievements of the twentieth century, from abstraction to dripping and from surrealism to informel, but also wants to distance itself from them – it uses them simply as a technical knowledge – to speak differently, to convey the agony from a different era, the contradiction between the diffuse crisis and ubiquitous prosperity, for the problem of representation and illusionism that no longer can save the work of art, but also for the need of painting that is both new and ancient.


Manos Stefanidis


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