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Little Bang Painting by Siagris Panagiotis at Ikastikos Kiklos Sianti Gallery


Little Bang

60 × 80 cm


Acrylic on canvas, Plexiglas


Siagris presents an artistic reflection by playing with the look and feel of things and combining a well-designed architectural framework with the enigmatic fluid of a painting that has not yet decided on itself.

Manos Stefanidis


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Little Bang

Meaning that it is painting after painting, a visual proposal that is aware of the twentieth century foundation conquests, from abstraction to dripping and surrealism to informel, which, however, is striving to detach itself from them – and just utilize them as a means of technical know-how – so as to speak in a different way, convey the agony of a different era, such as the contradiction between the diffused crisis and ever present prosperity, the problem of reconstruction and illusionism that no longer saves the work of art, as well as our need of a painting that is new and ancient at the same time.

Manos Stefanidis


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