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Lay Ζωγραφικό Έργο του Γιάννη Βαλυράκη στον Εικαστικό Κύκλο Sianti



120 × 75 cm


acrylic on canvas


First presented at the exhibition “In Between” at Ikastikos Kiklos Sianti Gallery

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With a straightforward and bold thinness, J.Valyrakis “speaks” through his paintings about separation, loneliness and companionship, of the need of togetherness and the need of being alone. Through his works he introduces us to people who think they are alone, while in reality we, as spectators, are watching through the keyhole, violating their privacy. However, this is a two-way game: “The figures on my paintings entertain themselves with the audience and ask questions about their sex. The color, the movement, the light and between them stands a body without any gender identity: The human body … “declares J. Valyrakis

Passion, vigor, momentum, violence, renewed dynamism, aggression, intense and extreme situations, multiple actions, visual elements / elements orchestrated with an unprecedented, at a dynamic pace define in the ramparts the very important and at the same time original talent of the new and multi- creator. In its dynamic compositions and color paintings, our raw and brutal modern era is transformed into a revealing pictorial painting. Creating with an authentic, paralyzed by passion, Valyrakis isolates those crucial moments, situations, forms and faces, gestures, attitudes and expressions that give the stigma of the whole atmosphere. And this, in order to pass us through our own DNA.
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