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Hotel Survivors Ζωγραφικό Έργο του Θανάση Λάλα στον Εικαστικό Κύκλο Sianti


Hotel Survivors

185 × 140 cm


acrylic on canvas


Created in 2018

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Do you have a specific personal style?
That is something you find when you don’t feel any pressure. When I first showed my personal style, people saw them and told me that I have a distinct character, and my own identity. I do not know how to express to you what happens in the dark paths of my mind, that is where all this comes from.
It is a human form that I invented to express the basic message I wanted to say that we are living at a time when we have turned our back to senses. While we look, we do not see, while we hear we do not listen, while we touch we do not feel, and I wanted to make a special tribe of people who are much more internal, so you see the bodies have labyrinths, they have dead ends, they have corridors, they have spikes. It is all that happens within us and the body type is one thing that perhaps conceals the whole world of every human being. Through these paintings I try to show that within us is the world and not outside. With the inside we operate in our everyday life in reality. Our reality is the participation of thousands of inner worlds. This thing came into my form, these forms are corrupted because they actually create bulges in the main centers of feeling, that is, the hands are large, the ears are big, one eye. So it is the message that the senses are coming back. We have to look things again, we have to listen to things again, listen with our ears. Let the inside of other’s details arrive in order to understand and be tolerant to diversity.

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