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Falling Giant III Ζωγραφικό Έργο του Γιάννη Βαλυράκη στον Εικαστικό Κύκλο


Falling Giant III

100 × 190 cm


acrylic on canvas


First presented at the exhibition “In Between” at Ikastikos Kiklos Sianti Gallery.

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We are charmed, obviously his work moves us and infuses us with the artists dramatic messages. Messages that both visual (viewing the composition, color choice, etc.) as much as instinctively – from a psychological point of view – converge their best – their excellent – assimilation.

A gifted artist, Yannis Valirakis, he instinctively justifies the timeless definition of authentic art - that is, it must express essentially the contemporary artist, historian, sociologist, political firgue and and psychological environment – he creates a genius and rare, for such a young artist, overrun. That overrun, thanks to which the young painter responds to, in such a unique way, through his visual expression in Immanuel Kant’s adage with his art. The only prerequisite for this is Kant's activation through the work of our mental capacities and, in particular, perception, imagination and comprehension. All three of these constituents are activated by Valirakis in a transcendent manner, at the same time, through the direct perception of submitting: that spark that not only stimulates our imagination and perception, but also extends the dynamic of communication and submission the work on the non-directly visible and perceived. Therefore, any communication of the viewer with the works of the creator is activated at more than one level in order to enrich not only an epidermal visual perception but also the psyche of the latter.
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