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Deserted Beach

110 × 30 cm


Oil on linen


“Don’t say much about these works.
They’re fine and they can defend themselves.”

Yannis Τsarouchis
(About Kostas Spyriounis’s painting)
Eikastika, 1984

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In a first reading of Kostas Spyriounis’ painting, you realize that a serene silence leads you directly beyond, to the far side without questions. The human presence is altogether absent from his works, except maybe for a few abstract busts or a statuette of winged Eros, which do not appear accidently but perhaps to distract the viewer-reader from the main theme which is purely metaphysical.

Heaven and earth are linked directly with shades of brown and buildings frequently give the impression of being built on water. Clouds, bad weather and storms dominate his work, creating awe rather than fear.

The further you go in the reading of his painting, the more you realise that the image is only the pretext. Behind the painting there is philosophical thought and above all poetry. By means of this poetry, he takes you on long voyages into the distant future of human existence, into the end of being and the beginning of a new and unknown era. Can this landscape of our inevitable permanent destination be as calm as he depicts it, or does it portray his need to deceive himself into tranquility or rather to make the viewer think?

Vangelis Chronis

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