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Blue Painting by Kokkinidis Dimosthenis at Ikastikos Kiklos Sianti Gallery.



170 × 150 cm


Acrylic on canvas


Artwork created in 1989

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In my age, modernism prevailed and I agreed with it. Not in its extreme version, but in a modernism that contained a rational analysis of the phenomenon. I was opposed to absolute abstraction. I could not tolerate it. I enjoyed the influences I used in my work and benefited from them. But I wanted the result to be understandable, I wanted everyone to understand what they were looking at.

Source: tanea.gr

In his paintings the strong reds, the blues and yellows are his bold choices but always with a main focus on the human form. "Humans were never missing from my painting but always in relation to an environment. I always believed that we were shaped within a certain geographical area and that is why I never considered Greece a periphery but one more core of art". It is characteristic that Demosthenes Kokkinidis deliberately avoided comradeship with art galleries abroad. "I was never willing to take part in something where it is predetermined what is high and what is not. On the other hand, I never wanted to be a pioneer ¬ the pioneers for me were exhausted in the first two decades of the century. I created constructions and showed them at a exhibition I did in 1967 at the Zoumboulakis gallery, looking for ways to declare my resistance to dictatorship, but from then on I remained a traditional painter. And that does not bother me. I want to change slowly and have control over what I do. Art after all is not an experiment but the result of it. ". "I am not interested in provoking the public. I am against provoking a surprise. I am a fan of the philosophy of the beautiful, despite the fact that the aesthetic rules are now abolished with the unity between what is conceived and what is meant. .. ». Source: tovima.gr
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