Ships Painting by Mytaras Dimitris at Ikastikos Kiklos Sianti Gallery.



100 × 70 cm


Acrylic on canvas


Created in 2006

Francis Bacon’s expressionist scripture influenced him, but his temper and the “Greekness” of his art did not accept the brutal and violent visual language of the great Irish painter. Source:

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The painter himself says in the text that was written about his retrospective exhibition in May 2006 in Thessaloniki: ” ‘When I was young, I lived in a house that was full of death. And that came through my paintings later on.

I used to paint dark rooms, full of plants that, as I said, I saw every day. These first works have the shadow of a missing mother, who moves into space. A triple mirror that was inside the house has been greatly influenced by me, even though it has been used as a model for various compositions.

When I was painting tombstones, it seemed to me that all the people around me were ready to leave. But before they left, they were on motorcycles, in telephone booths, in homes, in cafes. It must have been a shadow of pessimism.

The scenes of the Doctrine and the tombs had the same style, except that in the case of the dictatorship the subject was more obvious. Were as in the other, it was metaphysical, although I believe that the tombstone is not completely metaphysical: it is just what stays when someone leaves. “Source:

Dimitris Mytaras marked the history of modern Greek painting with his work and left behind invaluable heritage. Apart from a great painter, he was also a humanist. In the difficult times that our country has traveled, he stood next to its fellow men, developing intense social action. To his friends, I express my deepest condolences and gratitude to all of us personally for the cultural heritage that he leaves in our country. Nikos Voutsis Source:
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