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Two Young People Looking at Each Other Painting by Fassianos Alekos at Ikastikos Kiklos Sianti Gallery.


Two young people looking at each other

50 × 38 cm


Acrylic on canvas



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I want to be self-taught. But scientifically self-taught. Because my teaching comes from observing nature. I am not just a self-taught who did not notice nature.

Source: k-m-autobiographies.blogspot.gr

What others see as a disadvantage, I see as an asset, because I believe that every community can shape their own culture, it doesn’t need to go elsewhere to do that, and if they do, they do so because of their weakness. Most artists go to the West and America and do not see their sources. Mayakovsky has written an amazing poem that says, "I do not need Paris, I came back from Paris ...", just like that, I believe in our own sources and I consider myself a local artist.   Source: k-m-autobiographies.blogspot.gr
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