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20 × 42 cm


Glass, Iron

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Passions in your life? “All. I givein to everything with passion, it is not possible without it. I don’t get attached with people and objects. I get attached with goals and ideas. I say very often, joking, that I am a missile, because I always aim somewhere, go straight like the missile, I have no flexibility. ” Source: tovima.gr

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I see that you have developed ego. Is that true? “Very developed. Because when you stand in front of the presence of such a work, with the powers it has and you have to rebuild and transform, you are confronted: either you or that. If you are not confident, good health, if you are not balanced, you can not cope with it. Therefore, it is not just selfishness. It is more of a survival. ”

* Published in BHmagazino on Saturday May 30, 2015

Man's historical anxiety is the concept of movement. The feeling that the planet belongs to me and I can be found anywhere on it, beyond borders. However, when we are talking about a world village, we are raising fences Source: news.gr
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