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Under The Stars Painting by Valirakis Yiannis at Ikastikos Kiklos Sianti Gallery.


Under the stars

120 x 120 cm


Acrylic on canvas


Against the “storm” of 3D and the multiplex, this new artist has a more human approach to the contemporary industry, choosing to paint the film’s protagonists by tapping on the retro proportions of the older posters which in Greece at least prevailed in the 60’s and 70’s.


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The old art, the one of the hand-painted movie posters, made the viewer, even the pedestrian passing by the movie theater, stand and look beyond what was being adverted. And this prospect, which was and still is today, exceeding the interest of the cinephile viewer and opens the bridge of communication with the world. It causes emotions, creates images, surprises, challenges, answers or creates questions. In my case, there is a strong contrast between the vintage style of the old poster and my own technique with the use of sprays and intense colors. I’m influenced by PopArt, but I would not say it’s my only influence. Art Nouveau, Street Art with all the variety of styles and techniques, charm me. Even the American illustration in its golden age has a lot to tell me about Art. But yes, PopArt aesthetics, especially spontaneity, creative exaggeration, intense color contrasts, and more generally the overlapping of the traditional one, touches me more in my work. Source: Athens Voice

The artist, influenced by old art techniques of the hand-painted film posters and by pressing on the art of silkscreen printing, manages to isolate key moments, faces, gestures and expressions that attribute the stigma and the feeling of the atmosphere.Source: urbanlife.gr
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