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Νο 973

Of spring

50 x 71 cm


Silkscreen numbered and signed by Dimitris Gero.

The spirit is restless, Dimitris Geros, more widely known for his paintings and photographs, is also involved in engraving, which he considers an equally important art. Indeed, the copper engravings and the lithographs have been painted by the artist himself on copper and stone and have been printed in his own workshop as well as in G. Karteris’ workshop. Source: tff.gr

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Dimitris Geros creates images of life and action in his works. Transformational and allegorical images, expressed through a crackle. His landscapes are orphaned, filled with traps and provocative through their loneliness, from where a paradoxical lifeless and subversive element emerges. It changes the marginal balances of the partisans. With bitter humor and self-deception, the viewer watches an ever-moving world that turns into a deafening line the loneliness of a modern man, who constantly escapes by escaping or defying his responsibilities towards his own life and the environment he shapes.

Source: blogs.sch.gr

The well-known American art critic John Wood wrote that "Only two painters have been major photographers, Man Rai and Dimitris Geros, two artists who actually have many things in common."Source: blogs.sch.gr
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